We're Pet Friendly!


At Park Lane Holiday Parks, we believe that family includes our four-legged friends too! That's why we're proud to be a pet-friendly destination (except Yarra Valley), welcoming your beloved pets to join in on your holiday adventures. Whether it's a tail-wagging adventure or a purr-fectly relaxing escape, our parks offer a pet-friendly haven for all.

Pet-Friendly Accommodations:

Our pet-friendly accommodations are designed with your pets' comfort in mind. From powered sites to cabins and Safari tents, we ensure your furry friends are welcomed with open paws, just like any other family member.

Tips for a Paw-some Stay:

To ensure a smooth and enjoyable stay for everyone, we kindly ask pet owners to follow a few guidelines.

  • Keep your pets on a leash while within the park grounds and clean up after them.
  • Respect other guests' comfort and safety by preventing excessive barking or noise.
  • Please refrain from using communal washing machines/dryers for your furry friend's bedding.
  • Avoid leaving your pets unattended for extended periods to ensure their well-being.
  • In case of any damages or loss caused by your furry friend, please notify us at reception promptly.

By being considerate, we can create a paw-sitively delightful experience for all.

Pet Diversity!

We understand the love for all pets! While we welcome dogs, we are happy to accommodate other pets as well. If you have a fluffy, feathery, or scaley friend, please give us a call before booking to discuss if we can accommodate them too!

Travelling with your pets brings a special kind of joy and companionship. Whether it's a relaxing afternoon by the campfire or a day of adventure exploring nearby trails, the moments shared with your pets are bound to create cherished memories for years to come.

When Booking your Pet Friendly Getaway:

When exploring our Park Lane Holiday Park website, you'll find our accommodation options clearly marked with pet-friendly availability. Double-check before booking to ensure your preferred style of accommodation is perfect for you and your best mate!

Pack your bags, grab the leash, and get ready for a tail-wagging adventure at Park Lane Holiday Parks. Book your pet-friendly getaway now and embrace the joy of travelling with your furry friends. Unleash the fun, create lasting memories, and discover a whole new world of pet-friendly bliss.

Join us at Park Lane Holiday Parks, where pets are not just welcomed but cherished as part of the family. Book now and embark on a paw-some adventure!

To read more about our pet policies and fees, please click here.